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Trees, grass and flower in developed parks should be managed and cared for to promote optimum health, which provides pest resistance and recovery from injury. Strategies for addressing tree, grass and flowers pests include and follow the following steps: (This process has been tackled in previous sections)
The Healthy Steps are;

STEP 1: Prepare - After a long winter, we get your lawn ready for the summer by raking and carrying out the necessary mechanical soil maneuvers. We are also good at aerating the soil to encourage deep grass roots. We do this on early spring, once the ground has dried and is firm to walk on.

STEP 2: Repair – We take care of damaged areas first. We carry out pet/pest damage repair: We always look for an all-in-one patch repair product with soil conditioner to reverse soil damage, as well as add grass seed and fertilizer in one step. We know the best fertilizers to use. This we do at early mid-Spring, when soil temperature is favorable (15 degrees centigrade).

STEP 3: Strengthen - Add new life to your soil to maintain a healthy park/golf course and prevent weeds. We have specialized techniques which we apply to strengthen the parks and golf courses.

STEP 4: Maintain - Keep your parks and golf course looking thick, green and healthy all summer long. A healthy park/golf course is less susceptible to damage from weeds and insects such as grubs. We have the knowhow to do this having developed it through our experience.

STEP 5: Protect - Get your park/golf course ready for winter and give it a head start for next spring. We are experts at this.When weeds & insects get out of control we have special prevention and control procedures which we will advise on.

STEP 6: Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
Integrated Pest Management is an environmentally sensitive approach to pest management. It employs a series of steps and techniques to effectively control and maintain pests at an acceptable level using tactics other than chemical or biological. It is an ecological approach that can significantly reduce or eliminate the use of pesticides; IPM emphasizes pest prevention, the use of reduced-risk products, and the application of pesticides only when necessary.

Basic Steps of IPM

  • We establish and practice preventative measures in the parks and golf courses
  • Frequently monitor area(s) in order to identify pests before they become a severe problem
  • Once identified as a problem, we research the pest, its habitat, behavior and reproductive cycle
  • Determine the treatment needed (if any) to control the pest and maintain damage at an acceptable level

Pest Prevention

  • Provide good soil with ample depth and organic matter for nutrition
  • Choose the right mixture of grasses for the conditions
  • Improve drainage in wet areas and/or replace parks and golf courses with other types of landscaping
  • We check regularly for first signs of insects, weeds and plant disease

Reduced-Risk Products
If preventive and mechanical approaches to solving a pest problem have been unsuccessful, we consider using a reduced-risk pest control product first.

Use Pest Control Products when necessary

  • Before resorting to using a pesticide, we consider all your alternatives
  • We use physical or mechanical methods before resorting to chemical solutions
  • When we use IPM, we first need to correctly identify the pest and understand its life cycle
  • Our Knowing when and how a pest is most susceptible to control measures is important when making decisions on when to take action
  • Our correct timing of a pesticide application is essential for effective control and to ensure the least amount necessary for control is used (we refer to the label directions for guidance on the proper timing and recommended rate of application)
  • We follow directions carefully and always make sure to read and understand the label before applying any products
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