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In an apartment community, one resident’s pest problem might possibly spread into other nearby units. Keeping your apartment clean is not solution for pest problem in your home or apartment. You should make sure you don’t inadvertently invite them into your home. Mbukoni Pest Control Services will protect your apartment from common apartment pests with these step by step prevention and elimination method.

  • Inspect the environment: Troublesome bug-related issues like bed-bug infestations or roach problems can easily get out of hand if a tenant lets a pest problem go unaddressed. And the best way to stay bug-free is by taking preventive measures and being persistent about maintaining your pest control habits. Mbukoni Pest Control Services will try to determine where the pests are coming in, and why they are coming in. It is essential to solving pest prob¬lems quickly and economically. It includes asking questions of the customer and examining the premises thoroughly to learn as much as possible about the problem. During the inspection, the pro¬fessional should look for the harborage areas of pests, conditions of moisture, heat, or darkness - that favor infestations, food and water that can be used by the pests, probable means of entry of the infestation (such as incoming foods, open sewers, and possibly many others. Also evidence of infestation (such as damage, droppings, tracks, and actual specimens or their cast skins). Monitoring is the part of the inspection process that enables the professional to obtain an estimate of the pest population level, which will indicate the severity of the pest problem. The inspection will also give the professional some idea of the measures that may or may not be used, safety precautions that may be necessary, and when the work can best be done. Thoroughness during the inspection is of great importance in providing many of these answers. Because inspection is such an important part of pest management program, we will provide pest-specific inspection techniques.
  • Identification: Once the pest is found, our pest management professional must positively identify it in order to proceed. Positive and accurate identification many times is needed to make a thorough evalua¬tion of the problem and an appropriate recom¬mendation for control. Once the pest has been identified, it is much easier to inspect for other ev¬idence of infestation, harborage areas, and the means by which the pest gained entry. However, to do this, knowledge of the biology and habits of the pest is necessary. When pests cannot be lo-cated, identification must be accurate to ensure successful control.
  • Recommendation: A recommendation for eliminating the pest problem should be made only after the inspection has been completed and all the facts surrounding the problem are known. The recommendation should include not only what the professional can do for the customer, but also what the customer should do in the way of harborage elimination, building repairs, sanitation, and so forth to make the control program a more successful and lasting one. At this point, any limitations of the particular job should be explained to the customer.
    An important part of a recommendation is the price to be charged for the work. Here again, a thorough understanding of the problem is vital so that the price quoted is economically and ethically sound. The customer deserves professional service for the price, and the pest management profes¬sional should receive adequate compensation for the services rendered.
  • Monitor areas: We will put out glue boards or snap traps to trap rodents and insects. We will monitor to find out how bad the problem is and where it is. We will keep a written record of the results. If you have unusual pest problems, call our pest control professionals or inform your property manager. We are also capable of carrying out a pest photo identification process so long as you fill a pest identification form which is part of our website.
  • Seal off cracks and gaps: we will use tested sealing methods to seal off any gaps where pests can enter your apartment. We will inspect these seals every few weeks to ensure that your place stays bug-free throughout the year. Don’t give bugs an attractive place to hide. We will advise on how to clean your apartment thoroughly and how often.
  • Sanitation: Good sanitation limits the resources pests need to survive and reproduce. We will advise, train and coach on thorough cleaning of food preparation areas, including hard-to-reach areas and the maintenance of dumpster lids. We also coach on the upkeep of Indoor trash cans. Counter tops and floors sanitation care guidelines will also be addressed. Moisture conditions control such as leaky pipes or poor drainage will also be addressed.
  • Treat problem areas: we will take care of pest problem with safe pest control products. The first step is to identify the pest, which will lead us to the correct pest control product. We will avoid sprays or bombs or foggers that permeate everything in your apartment with poison, including places you eat.
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