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The most successful programs have an integrated strategy that includes at least two or more of the following control measures.

  • Identification, risk and vulnerability assessment: We will carry out an identification process to give us the details of the pests in the facility. Pest identification forms the basis of the control measures because this   determines the type of pest, subspecies, and habits of the pest etc which are all essential in the eradication process. We have a well developed pest risk and vulnerability chart which can cater for all types of pests. With this chart we are capable of giving a percentage risk and vulnerability score which can enlighten the potential client on the need for a pest control program. We have developed and perfected this chart to the amazement of our customers!
  • Sanitation - the removal of food and water sources stress pest populations and make traps and baits more effective. We will engage in a process which will allow for the creation of stress and duress to the pests. We are capable of innovating movement restriction traps and baits. We will strive to fulfill all the principles of food sanitation. So, the design and development of this entire system in a food facility begins with the establishment of basic sanitary practices. The employer is responsible for establishing and maintaining sanitary practices to protect public health and maintain a positive image. The problem of establishing, implementing, and maintaining sanitary practices within the food industry is certainly a challenge. The sanitarian or person in charge of this important area must assure that the sanitary practices keep low-risk potential hazards from becoming serious hazards that could cause illness or injury. The sanitarian is both the guardian of public health and the counselor to company management on quality and safety issues that are influenced by sanitary practices. A large grocery and supermarket chain should have a separate food safety department.  A sanitation department or team should exist in such establishments. In a large organization, sanitation should have an arrangement that will enable the sanitation department team to exercise company-wide surveillance of sanitary practices and maintain a high level of activity.

    With proper assistance, quality assurance and sanitation supervision can be successfully conducted through a qualified individual that can divide his or her effort between sanitation and quality assurance. It is beneficial for this person to have the advice and service of an outside agency, such Mbukoni Pest Control Services to avoid becoming submerged in the conflicting interests of different departments. The extra expense can be a worthwhile investment.

    Our planned sanitation maintenance program is essential to meet legal requirements and protect brand and product reputation, product safety, quality, and freedom from contamination. We can effect a safety assurance program by starting with compliance inspection and audit of the entire facility. The inspection and audit will be comprehensive and critical. Attention will be clearly focused on critical deficiencies throughout the facility.
  • Mechanical Control - traps, barriers (caulking), mechanical exclusion (screening), using air currents and manipulation of environmental factors (temperature, humidity) will be applied in our pest control program. The scope of this method is wide and varied and we can innovate some of this methods depending on the demand in the field.
  • Chemical Control - the correct and safe use of pesticides may be used to correct a pest infestation. The next step is the application of chemical pesticides especially where the limitation of pest movement measures does not work properly. We normally use environmentally friendly organic pesticides where their efficacy is assured. We also use other inorganic pesticides where the situation so demands. In the case of residual-pesticide applications, notifications will be posted to alert staff members and patients who may wish to avoid the treated area for any reason. Ideally, such notifications will include the brand name of the pesticide used and its active ingredients, the date and time of the application, the method of application, the earliest recommended date and time to resume activity in the area and contact information for the professional who serviced the area – this is the reason why we award a certificate to our client after we conduct pest control services.
  • Follow up, monitoring and evaluation- Inspection, continuous sampling, and use of survey devices that will result in accurate recorded pest counts will be emphasized. Monitoring goes on in identified zones of potential infestation and is intensified in infested target sites. Non-target areas will not be monitored. Record books or logs are placed in central areas or management units. Records will contain monitoring counts; sanitation, maintenance and personnel practice problems; pesticide use, formulations, and amounts. Records should be accessible to Mbukoni pest management technicians and client supervisors.

On the other hand evaluations will be conducted. No gains in pest management are made without evaluation. Interviews, surveys, and record examinations will be made at scheduled times. Evaluations will be conducted by personnel other than the Mbukoni pest management technician. Formal written and verbal reports will be made at scheduled intervals by technical representatives or pest management supervisors to client management.

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