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Why carry out soil fumigation?

In the farming process there are pests which destroy seedlings especially in nurseries and immediately after planting and these needs to be controlled through soil fumigation. Soil pests, such as plant-parasitic nematodes, fungi, insects, bacteria, weeds, and weed seeds, can be controlled effectively by proper soil fumigation. The label of each fumigant will state the pests it will control. Proper identification of a pest is crucial to the success of the fumigation process. Understanding the life cycles and habits of different pests helps determine the proper application timing to target the susceptible stage of the pest. Also, proper application depth can be determined to ensure adequate contact with the pest.

Mbukoni Pest Control Services will carry out the following best practice procedures when carrying out the soil fumigation;

  • Become fully acquainted with the fumigation site. Know the number and identification of the persons who routinely enter the area and the proximity of other persons and animals. Know the location of the nearest telephone or communication facility.
  • Post, or have Current emergency telephone numbers, such as the fire department, police, hospital, and physician.
  • Select a fumigant registered by the Pest Control Products Board (PCPB) for the work involved.
  • Study directions, warnings, antidotes, and precautions on the label and on the manufacturer’s instruction manual. Follow all the precautionary statements when handling the fumigant. Always wear the Protective clothing and equipment specified on the fumigant label.
  • Arrange for standby equipment, replacement parts, and an alternate plan of action. Besides the precautions previously mentioned, there are other general precautions to take when fumigating:
  • Inform all employees of the operational schedule, potential hazards to life and property, and the required safety measures and emergency procedures.
  • Prepare warning signs for posting treated areas. Have available first aid equipment and antidotes where applicable. Be alert to the symptoms and signs of poisoning.
  • Make sure there are no open fires or motors within the area to be fumigated.
  • Make a final check to clear all persons and animals from the area to be fumigated.
  • Do not work alone when handling or applying fumigants.
  • Obey reentry and aerating precautions. Position yourself upwind when aerating soil (removing a gas confining tarpaulin
  • Carry out the fumigation applying the correct method; We can carry out the following procedures with ease;
    • Raised Tarp Fumigation
    • Broadcast Field Fumigation
    • Bedding Plant Soil Fumigation
    • Potting Mix Fumigation
    • Drip Irrigation Soil Fumigation
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