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Garden maintenance and care
The Keys to a healthy flower garden are the following;

STEP 1: So you want to build a flower bed. Where do you begin? At Mbukoni Pest Control Services, we are capable of showing you how to do it! Before starting a flower bed, you need to plan ahead. Mbukoni Pest Control Services will take a stroll around your property and choose a suitable location for you depending on some well researched factors.
Before we plant, we will make a sketch. This is important, as it allows us to play around with ideas which determine the size and shape of the flower bed. It will also make it easier when choosing plants, as these should always be compatible to the area. We will use a special paint to mark out and shape the bed. If we are to build a raised bed, we will determine the type and amount of edging material as well.
Depending on its location, size and whether or not containers are used, starting a flower bed often begins with the removal of grass. There are several ways to accomplish this – therefore we will determine whether to dig it out, apply herbicide or smother it with cardboard or newspaper depending on the type of grass and the local conditions. We also supply herbicides for this purpose.

STEP 2: As with all plants, regular watering is a key to success. Mbukoni Pest Control Services is capable of determining the amount of water and the frequency of watering depending on a particular flower plant - more obviously if you live in a particularly warm area, and less if nature provides your watering for you. The mistake many people make is to water too frequently, and not deeply enough. We are experts in watering to enable deep penetration especially for flowers with deep roots. Our approach enables water to penetrate the soil and reach the deep roots of the plant, making your flowers more resistant to drought and preventing the roots from heading up to the surface in search of water.

STEP 3: The right food is equally important. The easiest way to ensure your flowers have the right nutrients is to start with a healthy soil. We will determine the best type of soil for you and/or alternatively advise on the best solution to making the soil fertile. From then on we will determine the best ways to making your soil fertile depending on the type of flower and its age.

STEP 4: Mbukoni Pest Control Services are also experts in pruning of all types of flowers. Different types of flowers need different pruning. However flower bushes will need to be pruned for shape, and to remove dead or diseased wood. We are experts in determining the shapes, dead, diseased wood and the best time for pruning. Deadheading is simply a term which implies the removing of spent flowers so the plants put their energy into producing more flowers. We are experts in deadheading so that your flower plants will regularly have a longer and more abundant flowering season.

STEP 5: The final element of flower bed care is dealing with those annoying pests and diseases. We will keep a regular eye out for these two conditions, before they get established. There are a range of commercial or organic sprays that can work. We also supply these commercial and organic sprays. For pest control we sometimes apply companion planting – we have a catalogue of companion plants which can be planted with several flowers. In fact sometimes we use flower pots for this purpose. We also supply flower pots and advise on the best choices.

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