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Lawn maintenance and care
While there is no magic pill to achieving a better lawn there are some basic steps Mbukoni Pest Control Services follows that go a long way in giving you a lush, healthy lawn you'll be proud to walk over. Here then are the 5 basic steps;

STEP 1: Landscaping
We will show you how to remove all debris and any wood, stones, or large roots. We have special implements to do this. We will also advise on the best way to dig and the best fertilizer to apply. We will Calculate the space you'll be seeding and determine the best method we will use in seeding – we will either scatter the seed by hand or broadcast or drop spread for uniform coverage depending on the area. We are experts in the sowing of the seed to ensure even coverage. We will thereafter determine the kind of mulch to apply and do it for you. We will determine the amount, depth and frequency of watering.

STEP 2: Get the mowing height right for the right time of year.
After the grass has grown, there is a need for mowing. We supply such mowing services. One of the most fundamental steps to a perfect lawn is getting the mowing height right for your type of lawn and for a particular season. We are experts at determining this.

STEP 3: Regulate the water intake
Over watering your lawn causes more damage than a lack of water. Most turf grasses can handle dry spells, but not flooding. We experts in determining the depth, amount and frequency of watering. We can do this for you with ease. We can supply a rain gauge to enable you to determine the amount of rainfall and subsequently enable you to determine the amount of water to apply.

STEP 4: Give your lawn a regular, balanced diet-- just don't over-do it!
We will advise and apply the correct fertilizers and amount for you depending on the season. Over-applying fertilizers can create unfavorable conditions or kill those microbes which assist in digesting the fertilizers. When that happens, the soil becomes sterile and the grass won't grow.

How do you know if you're over applying fertilizers? Get a soil test first. Soil tests should be required before applying anything to your soil. We do carry out soil tests.
STEP 5: Prevention is the best medicine.  Use herbicides when needed.

Preventing problems is better than having to correct them. Consistent maintenance is the key and we are capable of doing this for you. We will repair bare spots as needed. We will spot treat for weeds with the right herbicide following label directions. We will use the correct pre-emergent herbicides for most grassy-type weeds like crabgrass. We also supply herbicides for this purpose.
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