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  1. Visual Termite Inspection
    Mbukoni Pest Control Services uses a comprehensive termite inspection which is suitable for residential and commercial buildings and is used to locate termite activity and locate conditions that are conducive to termite attack. In addition to this, this termite inspection also helps identify environmental changes that need to be made to reduce the risk of termite attack and allow technicians to develop a termite control strategy.

    This inspection utilizes inspection equipment such as Moisture Metres, Magnfying glass e.t.c detection Equipment and visual inspection techniques and we provide with a written report of all findings and recommendations.
  2. Full Chemical Barrier/Treatment Zone treatments on existing buildings and structures.
    This approach is one of our most successful pest services at Mbukoni Pest Control Services, providing the best approach to termite control and prevention in existing buildings, homes and structures. This termite treatment involves a “non hazardous” chemical control product application to soil beneath a structure. Doing this will create a barrier that termites cannot eat their way through, or create a "treatment zone". The barrier created causes termites to pick up the chemical and take it back to the nest.

    The advantages of chemical barriers over alternatives are that they;
    • Are relatively instant; control of the termite activity and protection against further attack occurs within hours of the treatment being applied.
    • Relatively long lasting. The control products that Mbukoni uses and recommends have an expected life of over 3 years.
    • Effective on all Australian Termite Species.
    • Economical and typically less expensive than baiting when you consider the "on-going" cost for a "baiting contract".
    • We can guarantee our work with Chemical Barriers/Treatment Zones.
  3. Free termite treatment proposal
    Mbukoni Pest Control Services will offer this on buildings with confirmed termite infestations or properties with a high risk of termite attack. The proposal includes a written "Scope of Works", control product information and all associated costs. This proposal is normally written after the inspection stage of termite control.
  4. Annual Inspection service for pre and post construction treatments
     This involves inspection of the structure and treatment areas or "inspection zones" on physical barrier installations. In most cases, providing any recommendations are undertaken, the completion of the inspection continues the warranty or free service period offered by Mbukoni Pest Control and/or the product manufacturer.
  5. Power Pole and Bridge Timber
    Remedial and preventive treatments are conducted by Mbukoni Pest Control services on this timber products using state of the art technology and pesticide products.
  6. Building Inspection Reports and Pre-Purchase timber pest inspection reports
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