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Agita 10wg

AGITA 10 WG is in a granular formulation for paint-on application after dissolving in water.
 AGITA 10 WG's concentrated formulation makes it suitable for use primarily in larger operations, such as:

  • Poultry units (especially batteries for layers)
  • Pig fattening and pig breeding units
  • Dairy and calf units
AGITA contains thiamentoxam. This belongs to the neo-nicotinoid class of chemicals, which interfere with the nicotinic acetylcholine receptors at the postsynaptic membrane.

Baygon mosquito coil

A public health insecticide for the control of Mosquitoes.

  • BRAND NEW in Box
  • Pack of 10 baygon Coils, 120 grams per box
  • Metal stand included
  • Contains special ingredient Transfluthrin 0.03%
  • Excellent Knockout rate at extremely low concentration
  • Effective for 8 hours


Bestox pc50 is a pyrethroid insecticide particularly active against domestic and industrial pests. Bestox pc50 provides a rapid knockdown combined with a good residual effect. For best results pre-mix the required quantity with an equal amount of water. Stir thoroughly, pour it into half the required water in the spray tank and agitate. Then add the balance of the water required and agitate again. Always re-agitate, if spraying is interrupted, prior to re-commencing spraying. Do not store diluted material and only mix the amount required for each application.

Fendona 6sc

Fendona® contains 60 g/l alphacypermethrin.This is a high performance residual insecticide.Fendona® provides rapid knockdown and extended control of a wide range of public hygiene pests.
In numerous laboratory studies and field trials, Fendona® has shown outstanding residual activity. Residual performance was measured on painted plywood using houseflies as the test subject. Fendona® provided significantly better residual performance than permethrin, deltamethrin and fenitrothion.

Goliath gel

Containing Fipronil 0.05%w/w, the first of a new and highly active class of insecticides (the phenyl pyrazoles), Goliath Gel offers a quick and effective means of treating some crawling infestations. Goliath Gel is not classified under EC Regulations on the basis of its toxicity and there is no statutory requirement to wear personal protective equipment during application. Benefits include:. Low dose - only one 0.03g spot of Goliath Gel is required to kill 1000 specific crawling insects. Rapid control - within hours dead pests will be seen

Icon 10wp

Various tests have proven Icon 10 WP’s residual power over a wide variety of insect species.Various tests have proven Icon 10 WP’s residual powder over a wide variety of insect species.Excellent control was maintained over 24 weeks after a single application of the product.

Icon 10 WP has successfully satisfied the World Health Organization’s Pesticide Evaluation Scheme and is being widely used around the world.Having safety and convenience in mind, Icon 10 WP is especially packed in water soluble sachets - the only one in the market today.

  • Outstanding kill at low application rates of both nuisance insects and those that affect human health
  • Specifically designed for high efficiency against resting and crawling insect pests
  • Excellent persistence

Empire 20 insecticide is a result of choice chemistry and superior formulation. It provides excellent control of all species of cockroach and other crawling insects. Empire 20 applies the most advanced microencapsulation technology to purified chlorpyrifos, one of the world’s leading public health insecticides. It gives all the control you need to tackle even the most critical pest infestation with ease and confidence.
The Advantages of Microencapsulation
It brings up to three months residual control to an exceptionally active insecticide. The capsules adhere to most surfaces yet, because of outstanding retention properties, are not absorbed into porous surfaces such as concrete , brick and wood. As a consequence, exposure to passing insects is maximized and there is no loss of activity even when Empire 20 is applied to absorbent or greasy surfaces.

Mossi chips

A most effective way to keep a room free of mosquitoes and other small pests all night long. Heat releases natural Pyrethrins smokelessly into the air, killing mosquitoes in the room, repelling those outside.Mossi Chips made with Refined Natural Pyrethrum extract contain no allergens, or with Pynamin Forte d-Allethrin.The swift silent killer is available in a range of fragrances (Regular, Sandal, Floral, Lavender). Each chip contains a minimum of 60mg of Pyrethrins for maximum efficiency or 50mg d-Allethrin.Sealed in sachets of 2 Chips for use in electrical mosquito vaporisers. Carton of 60 boxes, each containing 30 Chips


Neocidol 600 EC is very effective for the control of ECTOPARASITES on sheep, cattle, swine, goats, horses, donkeys, mules, camels, water buffaloes and rabbits. Up to a concentration of 0.2% active ingredient, no visible signs of intoxication were observed when cattle and sheep were sprayed or dipped respectively . Timing and frequency depend on parasite, climatic conditions and degree of infestation


An insect repellant for public health control of flying and crawling insects. The initial active ingredient was the first synthetic pyrethroid, allethrin. Raid derivatives aimed at particular invertebrate species can contain other active agents such as the more toxic cyfluthrin, another synthetic pyrethroid. Currently Raid uses Permethrin, Tetramethrin, Cypermethrin and Imiprothrin to kill insects.An effective and economical way to repel bugs from your home for 45 nights. Simply plug the heater and enjoy nights of peaceful free sleep

Raid electric liquid mosquito killer

Liquid insecticide for use with electric vaporizer. Once the vaporizer is plugged in together with the liquid, the vapours produced kill as well as repel mosquitoes.

Supakill aerosol

Household insecticide with natural pyrethrum, which is environmentally friendly. Natural pyrethrum is grown locally in Kenya, and has long lasting effects. Kills all flying and crawling insects. Quality assured by KEBS.  Pack sizes: 150ml, 450ml

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