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Acaricide and insecticide with contact and stomach action. Has limited plant systemic activity, but exhibits translaminar movement. Isolated from fermentation of Streptomyces avermitilis, a naturally occuring soil Actinomycete. Acts by stimulating the release of ƒ×-aminobutyric acid, an inhibitory neurotransmitter, thus causing paralysis. Effective on vegetables, fruit trees and ornamentals at 25-50 ml/100 liters of water. Active ingredient is Abamectin.
Actara 25WG
ACTARA® is a unique systemic insecticide that provides excellent, fast-acting and long-lasting elimination of a broad range of foliar and soil pests. Its benefits go beyond insect control as its unique chemical properties consistently helps growers to maximize crop potential through healthier and more vigorous plants, better quality of harvested fruits and grains with higher yields. For growers ACTARA® is the best choice for flexible crop protection with a range of application methods from conventional foliar sprays and soil application, to more sophisticated systems such as drench and drip irrigation. It can be used in both humid tropics and temperate climates. Exhibits excellent movement in the plant tissue. It quickly penetrates the leaf to form a reservoir of active ingredient which results in extended residual control.
Actellic 25EC
Broad spectrum insecticide which controls a wide range of insects on field crops, trees and horticultural crops. Contains Pirimiphos methyl.
ADONIS prevents and controls various types of insects. It is for use on turfgrass, landscape ornaments, fruit and nut trees and interior plantscapes. It has proven to be highly effective when applied by aircraft using a wide interval application technique (spray runs spaced at intervals of 200 to 500 m). Fipronil is a phenyl pyrazole, a new class of pesticide that acts on the insect nervous system. It kills by contact or ingestion. Fipronil is moderately toxic to mammals and in its technical form is slightly more toxic than the organophosphorous pesticide fenitrothion. Fipronil is highly toxic to bees, termites and aquatic invertebrates

A versatile organophosphate insecticide with both contact and systemic action. It is particularly effective on severe infestations of sucking and chewing insects of tobacco, sugarcane, cotton, chilies, vegetables, fruits and cereals. It has low toxicity to mammals and does not harm beneficial insects. It is easy to use, being soluble in water.

Dosage: 10g/20L 500g/Ha

Packaging: 50 g, 100g, 1Kg,


A versatile organophosphate insecticide with both contact and systemic action. It is particularly effective on severe infestations of sucking and chewing insects of tobacco, sugarcane, cotton, chilies, vegetables, fruits and cereals. It has low toxicity to mammals and does not harm beneficial insects. It is easy to use, being soluble in water.

Dosage: 10g/20L 500g/Ha

Packaging: 50 g, 100g, 1Kg,....

Bridge 80sc

It is composed of Bifethrin 80% . It is a low dose, broad spectrum insecticide /miticide with contact and long residual action against certain insects in french beans, cabbages, tomatoes, peas and flowers.

Dosage: 5-20ml/20L 160-500ml/Ha

Packaging: 50ml, 100ml, 500ml, 1L, , ,

Bulldock 025 ec
For the control of insects in cotton and coffee. Bulldock 25 EC can be applied by air or ground equipment. In common with other non-systemic insecticides adequate coverage with Bulldock 25 EC is essential for maximum effectiveness. When applying by air use a minimum of 20 litres of spray mixture per hectare. Spray in crosswinds. Do not spray in calms or when wind is light and variable in direction unless smoke indicators show spray is entering the crop uniformly. Spray application should be carried out during the cooler parts of the day or night. A spraydrift minimisation strategy should be employed at all times when aerially applying sprays to, or near, sensitive areas. The strategy envisaged is exemplified by the cotton industry’s Best Management Practice .
Calypso sc 480
Calypso contains the active ingredient thiacloprid, which is distinguished from other lepidopteran insecticides by its excellent systemic and broad-spectrum activity (controlling a range of both chewing and sucking insect pests), relative safety to many beneficial species, and a mode of action that is quite distinct to organophosphates,, carbamates and growth regulators. Calypso is an excellent tool for insecticide resistance management strategies.

cypermethrin10%+chlorpyriphos35% based product. Double strength broad-spectrum non-systemic insecticide with quick knockdown and residual action for control of pests in vegetables ,flowers and fruits.

30ml/ 20L 1.5 L/Ha
50ml, 100ml, 500ml, 1L, 5L, 20L,


Cyromazine 75% based Superior insect growth regulator for control of pests in cabbages, french beans and flowers.

6-10g/20L 300g-500g/Ha

50g, 100g, 200g, 600g,

Dictator plus

propargite21.2%+tetradifon 7.5% based compound for the unique non-systemic combination acaricide with contact and residual action and for use in vegetables, flowers and fruits.

16 ml/20L 800ml/Ha

100ml, 500ml, 1L, , , ,

Dimilin 25wp
Dimilin is an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) for the control of various insect species. The active ingredient in Dimilin is diflubenzuron which belongs to a modern class of insecticides known as benzoyl-ureas. The combination of low use rates and long residual control make Dimilin very economical. For control of certain soil inhabiting insects such as fungus gnats and shore flies, DIMILIN 25% WP can be applied to potting media as a coarse spray or higher water volume drench application through conventional equipment. When applied according to the recommendations below, DIMILIN 25% WP will provide control for a period of 30 to 60 days. Repeat applications can be made at 4 to 8 week intervals as necessary to maintain control. Do not make more than four applications per crop. For optimum control throughout the production area and to prevent re-infestation of crops, it is recommended breeding areas under benches and in other non-crop areas be treated at the same time that the crop is treated.
Duduthrin 1.75ec
Fast-acting synthetic pyrethroid insecticide for use in vegetables, flowers, fruits, cereals and cotton. Contains Lambdacyhalothrin.
Endotaf 35ec

Endosufan 35% based Broad spectrum insecticide for control of pests in cereals, vegetables and fruits

24-35 ml/20L 1.25-1.75L/ Ha

200ml, 1L, 20L, , , ,

Evisect s
Thioclam based insecticide for the control of insect pests in potatoes, kales, cabbages, beans, citrus fruits and mangoes. Elective insecticide with contact and stomach action. Limited systemic activity, with translocation acropetally, contains the a.i thiocyclam hydrogen oxalate which is analogue or propesticide of the natural toxin nereistoxin. Nicotinergic acetylcholine blocker, causing paralysis by ganglionic blocking action on the central nervous system. Used to control insects at 50-100 gm / 100 liters of water.
Farm-x 25ec

Farm-X is a broad-spectrum pyrethroid insecticide for use in ornamentals, Tomato, French beans, Brassica among other field crops. It works by contact and ingestion.
It has a quick knockdown activity and relatively short residue. Non-systemic insecticide with contact and stomach action. Fast-acting.

Features and benefits;
  • Rapid knock down effect
  • Dual mode of entry. Ingestion & contact.
  • Highly stable
  • Protection lasts from 7- 21 days
  • Highly effective against bollworms and leaf eating caterpillars
  • Resurgence of sucking pests- whitefly, mites, thrips
  • Low PHI on vegetables of only 1 day
Floramite 240sc

Agricultural pesticide for the control of pests on roses and carnations. FLORAMITE is a suspension concentrate for use as a selective acaricide on ornamentals, in tree nurseries, on strawberries and fruiting vegetable crops. The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH)

Use drift-reducing nozzles to avoid spray drift onto field margins, hedges, ditches, surface water and neighboring crops. Do not spray in windy weather. After use in protected environments, e.g. glasshouses, avoid re-entry for at least 2 hours whilst the spray dries on the leaves and full ventilation has been effected. Personnel working amongst treated crops should wear suitable long-sleeved garments and suitable gloves for 14 days after treatment.. FLORAMITE has been tested on a variety of ornamental plants, strawberries and fruiting vegetables with no phytotoxicity observed at up to twice the recommended label rate. However, not all plant species and cultivars have been tested with possible tank mix combinations, sequential pesticide treatments and adjuvants and surfactants. Therefore, prior to any large scale application, the user should determine the safety of FLORAMITE by testing a small number of plants of the cultivar to be treated at the recommended rates to ensure that phototoxic responses will not occur.

Furadan 4f
Carbofuran based insecticide for control of pests in flowers, roses, carnations. Furadan® insecticide-nematicide has been the standard for insect control for more than 25 years. Used as both an at-plant and a foliar insecticide, Furadan provides control of both soil and above ground pests on key crops like corn, alfalfa and cotton and more.
Karate 5ec

KARATE 5 EC is a wide spectrum insecticide containing lambda-cyhalothrin for control of insect pests of cotton and other crops.

HOW TO USE KARATE®5 EC KARATE® 5 EC is highly active (by contact and ingestion) against a wide range of insect pests .KARATE® 5 EC can eliminate or reduce the acaricidal sprays needed in season if applied regularly, especially using high volume ground sprays. Dilute the amount indicated with clean water as shown, spray using any conventional equipment in good condition to give a medium quality spray.
Shelf life; At least 2 years from date of manufacture in original sealed containers stored in a cool dry place.

Marathon 50ec

Malathion based Marathon is a broad spectrum organophosphate insecticide with contact, stomach and respiratory action for the control of a wide range of insect pests lon a wide range of Horticultural and Agricultural crops as Citrus, Passion Fruit, Mango, Avocado, Cucurbits, French Beans, Brassica spp, Tomato, Pineapple among others.

MODE OF ACTION: Cholinesterase inhibitor; pro-insecticide, activated by metabolic oxidative desulfuration to the corresponding oxon. Non-systemic insecticide and acaricide with contact, stomach, and respiratory action.

Marshal 250ec
Carbosulfan based Marshal® is active as an insecticide, miticide and nematicide on a wide range of crops . It controls sucking pests by contact and stomach poisoning. Marshal® is also used as a drench through irrigation to control pests.
Ogor 40ec

Dimethoate 40% based Systemic insecticide/acaricide with contact and stomach action for the control of sucking, biting and chewing insect pests on ,cotton, citrus, wheat ,barley, cucurbits, brassicas and other vegetables.

30-40ml/20l 1.5-2 L/Ha

30ml, 100ml, 200ml, 500ml, 1L, 20L,

Oshothion 50 ed

A broad spectrum organophosphate insecticide which combines contact, stomach and respiratory action for the control of pests on vegetables, fruits and flowers.

40-50 ml/20L 2L/Ha

100ml, 200ml, 500ml, 1l, 5L, ,

Penncap m

A broad spectrum organophosphorus microencapsulated suspension insecticide for control of a wide range of chewing and sucking insect pests in vegatables, flowers and coffee.

Contains Methyl parathion .

Confidor LS 200
The insecticide is readily taken up by plants and translocated systemically within the plants. It is active against insects on contact and through ingestion. Registered uses on plants include foliar sprays, seed treatments and application to soil for uptake by plant roots. Results of field study clearly reveals that the Confidor 200 SL @ 400 ml/ha treatment was most effective against wheat Ppests. In addition to the treatment Confidor 200 SL @ 400 ml/ha, the moderate dose of Confidor 200 SL (200 ml/ha) was also effective in suppressing the wheat insect populations. Due to a different mode of action, and systemic as well as contact insecticidal properties, imidacloprid is effective against insecticide resistant populations of many species of wheat insects.
Pirimor 50 WG
A specialised and extremely selective aphicide, PIRIMOR WG is ideal for use in IPM programs as well as being a resistance management tool within an aphicide program. PIRIMOR WG has contact, ingenstion and fumigant activity. It is compatible with most commonly used insecticides and is rainfast within 2 to 3 hours. Recommended Uses For the control of certain insects on fruit crops, vegetables, cotton andother broadacre crops and ornamentals as per the Directions for Use.
Pride 200 sc
Contains Fenazaquin which has demonstrated excellent contact activity against tetranychid and eriophids insects. Some activity has been noted on soft bodied sucking insects, generally at higher rates than those needed for others control. Fenazaquin SC has shown no phytotoxicity in any crop or ornamental species. Its mode of action is to disrupt the biochemistry of insect mitochondria. The 200 SC formulation is more widely labeled than the 100 EC formulation.
Regent 50sc

A broad spectrum contact insecticide for use in Brassicas. Regent has contact activity on both chewing and sucking insects and controls Coleoptera, Lepidoptera, Diptera, Homoptera, Isoptera, and Thysanoptera. It is registered on rice (seed treatment), and corn (soil treatment), with potential uses on cotton, sweet potato, bulb onion and potato. It is being studied for use against some insects on cotton and thrips in vegetables. Active ingredient is Fipronil.


Formulation type: emulsifiable concentrate
Composition: Abamectin 18 gr/l
Description: Abamectin is a microbe fermentation product. It acts as a contact and stomach poison. It is an insecticide used on field crops, grapevines, orchards and flowers against certain insects Precautions: Avoid inhaling and contact with the product.
Observation: The product y is toxic to fish and bees

Sevin 85 wp

It is a wide-spectrum carbamate insecticide (from lawncare to insects) which controls over 100 species of insects on citrus, fruit, cotton, forests, lawns,nuts, ornamentals, shade trees, and other crops, as well as on poultry, livestock, and pets. It is also used as a molluscicide (on snails) and an acaricide. It works whether it is ingested into the stomach of the pest or absorbed through direct contact. It is available as bait, dusts, wettable powders, granules, dispersions and suspensions.

Sumithion super
A broad spectrum Organophosphorus / pyrethroid insecticide for the control of a wide range of insects in coffee. Contains Fenitrothion and Esfenvalerate
Twiga ace 20sl
A broad-spectrum systemic neonicotinoid insecticide for the control of a wide range of pests in flowers, vegetables, cucurbits and cereal crops. Contains Acetamiprid .
A broad spectrum systemic organophosphorus insecticide for the control of insects pests in vegetables and flowers. Contains Dimethoate.
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