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Basagran® T/O herbicide offers reliable, cost-effective postemergent control of tough broadleaf weeds, yellow nutsedge, annual sedges and more. It can also provide weed control in ornamentals. When used as directed, Basagran T/O:

  • Provides a cost-effective nutsedge control program.
  • Effectively eliminates underground tubers.
  • other difficult-to-control broadleaf weeds.
  • Delivers effective postemergence activity, which allows flexibly timed weed control. Can be easily tank-mixed with other herbicides to affordably increase their spectrum of control.
  • Farmuron 50 WP

    Product Description
    A selective pre - and post - emergence herbicide for controlling monocotyledonous and dicotyledonous weeds in many field and horticultural crops such as potatoes, carrots, onions, beans and peas, maize and sugarcane.
    Mode of Action
    Selective systemic herbicide absorbed principally by the roots but also by the foliage, with translocation primarily acropetally in the xylem.

    Galigan 240 ec

    Galigan is a pre- and post-emergence herbicide. Galigan has control over a wide spectrum of broadleaf weeds and grasses in Tomato and Cabbage (other vegetables include Onion and Garlic) and field crops as Pineapples. Rain or irrigation is essential for activation of the residual effect of Galigan. Pre-emergence control is most effective when Galigan is applied to weed free established soil surfaces. After weeds or soil surfaces are sprayed, they should not be disked or cultivated in any manner.In post emergence sprays, Galigan is most effective against annual broadleaf weeds when they are less than 10 cm high and at the 1-2 leaf stage of susceptible annual grass weeds.

    Glean df

    Product Description
    A pre or post-emergence herbicide with some soil residual activity for broad-leaved weeds control and some grasses in wheat and barley. Mode of action; The active ingredient is absorbed by roots and foliage and rapidly moved to the growing tips of roots and foliage of plants. Selectivity is based on the plant species capability to metabolise Chlorsulfuron.
    Features and Benefits

  • Broad spectrum activity
  • Unmatched application flexibility
  • Superior crop tolerance
  • Hyvar x wp

    Product description
    Hyvar X is a broad-spectrum activity on most annual grass and broad-leaved weeds and many perennials.Crops include Sisal, Pineapples, Citrus and non-crop land.
    Mode of action
    Bromacil is non-selective inhibitor of photosynthesis. It is taken up by the roots and moves through the plant in the transpiration stream.

    Limazine 250/250 se
    Selective pre – and early post – emergence herbicide for weed control
    Mamba 360sl

    A broad spectrum, systemic foliar applied herbicide for control of annual and perennial grass and broad leaved weeds in agriculture, non-crop and industrial areas.Mamba 360 SL interferes with the synthesis of aromatic amino acids. When it is absorbed through diffusion on green actively growing leaves and stems. It is then translocated throughout the plant down to the leaves inhibiting the production of aromatic amino acids essential for plant growth and development., thus causing the eventual death of the plant. Visible symptoms occur 4-7days in perennials which include wilting followed by chlorosis, that inturn leads to plant death.

    Pantera 40ec

    A foliar applied post-emergent selective grass herbicide for use in broadleaved plants.

    Tata moto wp

    Selective pre-emergence and early post emergence herbicide for control of grasses and broad leaved weeds
    15-60 g/20L 375g-4kg/Ha
    50g, 100g, 500g, 1kg, , ,

    Tata panida ec

    Selective pre-emergence herbicide for the control of selected annual grasses and broadleaved weeds Dosage: 300ml/20L 3L/Ha Packaging: 1L, 5L, 20L, , , ,


    A broad spectrum ,systemic, non-selective post-emergence herbicide for the control of annual and perennial grasses and broad-leaved weeds

    Twigamethalin ec

    A broad spectrum selective and systemic pre-emergence residual herbicide for the control of annual grasses and broad-leaved weeds.

    Velpar 75 df

    Contact and residual herbicide for control of most grass and broad-leaved weeds

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