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Why we conduct Green house training?

Our Greenhouse Training Program gives you the opportunity to learn hands-on propagation, starting from plant seed or plant cuttings. We use several varieties of plants depending on your training needs. Greenhouse Training Programs may include the planting of field stock, the maintenance of plants, the harvesting and grading of plants, as well as preparing wholesale or retail orders. Our Greenhouse Training Programs range between smaller family run operations on 1 or 2 acres to large scale companies with 2 million square feet of indoor greenhouses. Greenhouse Training Programs are run throughout the year. Some one year placements can be organized as well.

Further Green house production creates an ideal production environment that includes ideal relative humidity, temperature and light. These results in high yields, efficient water utilization, high fruit quality, prolonged production, shortened maturity period, low pest and disease incidences, reduced use of land to achieve the same results i.e. ratio of about 1:10, low labour input and timing of market. Thus the end result of the training is to achieve food security in the community and generate livelihood income.

Skills to be learned on a Greenhouse Training Program may include:

  • Propagation
  • Planting of nursery’s Stock
  • Watering
  • Weeding
  • Fertilizing
  • Transplanting
  • Business and marketing operations including sales and shipping

What are the objectives of Green house training?

By the end of the training period the participants will have undergone the following curriculum;

  1. Topic 1
    • Unit 1 - Introduction to the Greenhouse Industry
    • Size and Scope of the Greenhouse Industry
    • A Timeline for Greenhouse Development
    • Foreign Competition
  2. Topic 2
    • Unit 2 - Greenhouse Structures and Construction
    • Greenhouse Location and Orientation
    • Greenhouse Structures, Glazing, and Design
    • Greenhouse Structures and Components
    • Greenhouse Benches and Growing Structures
  3. Topic 3
    • Unit 3 - Greenhouse Environment
    • Greenhouse Heat
    • Greenhouse Heating Systems
    • Fuels and Heat Conservation
    • Comparing Fuel Costs
    • Steam Tables
    • Colorado Greenhouse Services Historical Gas Rates File
    • Greenhouse Cooling
    • Greenhouse Environment Controls
    • Thermostats
  4. Topic 4
    • Unit 4 - Greenhouse Rhizosphere
    • Greenhouse Rhizosphere
    • Greenhouse Media Constituents
    • Media Pasteurization and Sterilization
  5. Topic 5
    • Unit 5 - Greenhouse Nutrition and Water
    • Nutrition and Fertilizers
    • Plant Nutrition in the Greenhouse
    • Overview of Plant Nutrition
    • Greenhouse Fertilizers and Fertilizer Application
    • Irrigation Injectors
    • Greenhouse Water and Irrigation
    • Water in the Greenhouse
    • Greenhouse Irrigation Practices
    • Greenhouse Irrigation Water Treatment
    • Greenhouse Hydroponic Production
  6. Topic 6
    • Greenhouse Production
    • Greenhouse Gasses
    • Greenhouse Temperature and Plant Growth
    • Greenhouse Light
    • Greenhouse Crop Scheduling
  7. Topic 7
    • Unit 7 - Greenhouse Pest and Disease Control
    • Integrated Pest Management in Commercial Floriculture Greenhouses
    • Insects, Mites and Other Invertebrate in Commercial Floriculture Greenhouses
    • Common Diseases in Commercial Floriculture Greenhouses
  8. Topic 8
    • Unit 8 - Greenhouse Post Harvest and Post Production
    • Lecture Video
    • Greenhouse Crop Post Production
    • Cold Storage for Specialty Cut Flowers and Plant Material
    • Ethylene-Sources, Symptoms, and Prevention for Greenhouse Crops
    • Postharvest Handling of Fresh Cut Flowers and Plant Material
    • Postproduction Care and Handling-How do we maintain plant quality after production
    • Extending the Life of Flowering Plants

How do we conduct Green house training?

As qualified and experienced consultants in their fields, and as certified trainers in Pest control, Mbukoni Pest Control trainers deliver sharp, professional and value for time and money courses. We liven up every presentation with ‘real world’ anecdotes, photographs and/or video footage and real life exercises that get people thinking about their greenhouse workplace.

Mbukoni Pest Control Services specializes in designing and delivering ‘in-house’ training at your workplace – at a fraction of the cost of sending your people to public courses. Call us to discuss our discount day rate for your training courses.

The greatest benefit from engaging us to run your training is in the way we customize the course because we always carry out a Training Needs Identification (TNI) and a Training Needs Assessment (TNA) which give us a picture on what you need to be trained on and then we tailor-make or customize the training to those Training needs. Then wherever we can we use our knowledge of your systems and your history from the Training Needs Assessment to drive home the messages in a relevant and engaging way – we like our trainings to be Participatory so that learners discover concepts, synthesize them and make conclusions as they learn. In other words a Training Needs Assessment helps us derive an appropriate training curriculum for you.

Feedback from participants on all our courses routinely rates us as ‘Very Good’ or ‘Excellent; we always carry out end-of-training evaluations to gauge the level of our performance!

Some recent comments provided to us on feedback forms are:

  • “I never got what Mbukoni Green house training was about before this.”
  • “Thanks! that will make a difference at work, and even more in my life.”
  • “That wasn’t boring at all.”
  • “I’ve done lots of trainings before, but this one made sense.”
  • “This was the best, practical Green house training ever.”

We offer a range of courses to anyone and everyone in our public courses Training Calendar; but most often we run courses on request;

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Our customers fall broadly into four categories;

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  • Large scale farming enterprises
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The discipline and rigor of working with demanding customers has honed our operation and attests to our ability to consistently perform with quality, efficiency, reliability whilst offering exceptional value for money resources and services at highly competitive rates.

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