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Why do we conduct Termite control training?

At Mbukoni Pest Control Services we take training in termite control as an essential component of effective Termite management programs. This is because with respect to termites, individual property owners must be sufficiently knowledgeable to make informed decisions on which measures would be most effective in their particular situation to prevent termite attack and mitigate any existing infestations. Our experience proves that area-wide Termite management is a laudable goal, and achievable in rural agricultural settings but difficult to implement in the urban environment with numerous individual property owners who have high levels of societal anonymity unlike in the rural areas where people know one another by name.

However our approach at Mbukoni Pest Control Services to area-wide termite management is to identify a neighborhood of particular historical and cultural significance in either of the settings, then we link up the property owners, through well researched proposals, to support organizations who either manufacture the pest chemicals; for purposes of promoting their products/Social responsibility programs or Non-Governmental organizations who can support the communities in Termite management.

Our approach to area-wide management of termites is to develop and implement an outreach training program targeting the public schools, adult continuing education programs, organized community groups as windows into local communities. Our objectives are to enhance community awareness of termite problems and management options, to achieve wider implementation of effective termite prevention and control techniques by homeowners; and to increase the baseline knowledge of effective termite management in the next generation of homeowners. To facilitate implementation we have developed curricula according to the Training Needs Identification (TNI) and Training Needs Assessment (TNA) of the Community groups and public schools.

What are the objectives of a termite control training?

By the end of the training the participants will;

  • Learn about termite biology and how to properly identify them.
  • Learn the current laws and regulations mandated by Pest Control act of Kenya.
  • Learn safety procedures when performing a termite treatment.
  • Learn different types of construction that might possibly be encountered.
  • Learn how to properly calibrate application equipment.
  • See and use new equipment and pesticide formulations.
  • Learn how to control termites using both baits and liquid treatments.
  • Learn how to accurately measure and inspect a structure.
  • Satisfy the minimum instructional requirements for termite technician training.

How do we conduct our Termite Pest control training? What is the methodology?
Key components of this project are;

  1. The development of curricula addressing termite biology and control for multiple grade levels, that include a knowledge sharing activity to transfer information from the classroom to the surrounding community with a multiplier effect;
  2. Development of workshops to train teachers and other Community Trainers of Trainers in implementation of the curricula; and
  3. Development of complementary adult education sessions for each community.

As qualified and experienced consultants in their fields, and as certified trainers in Pest control, Mbukoni Pest Control trainers deliver sharp, professional and value for time and money courses. We liven up every presentation with ‘real world’ anecdotes, photographs and/or video footage and real life exercises that get people thinking about real Pest Control issues in their workplace, Community, the school etc.

Mbukoni Pest Control Services specializes in designing and delivering ‘in-house’ training at your workplace – at a fraction of the cost of sending your people to public courses. Call us to discuss our discount day rate for your training courses.

The greatest benefit from engaging us to run your training is in the way we customize the course because we always carry out a Training Needs Identification (TNI) and a Training Needs Assessment (TNA) which give us a picture on what you need to be trained on and then we tailor-make or customize the training to those Training needs. Then wherever we can we use our knowledge of your systems and your history from the Training Needs Assessment to drive home the messages in a relevant and engaging way – we like our trainings to be Participatory so that learners discover concepts, synthesize them and make conclusions as they learn. In other words a Training Needs Assessment helps us derive an appropriate training curriculum for you.

Feedback from participants on all our courses routinely rates us as ‘Very Good’ or ‘Excellent; we always carry out end-of-training evaluations to gauge the level of our performance!

Some recent comments provided to us on feedback forms are:

  • “I never got what Mbukoni Pest Control training was about before this.”
  • “Thanks that will make a difference at work, and even more in my life.”
  • “That wasn’t boring at all.”
  • “I’ve done lots of Pest Control training before, but this one made sense.”
  • “This was the best, practical Mbukoni Pest Control training ever.”

We offer a range of courses to anyone and everyone in our public courses Training Calendar; but most often we run courses on request;

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The discipline and rigor of working with demanding customers has honed our operation and attests to our ability to consistently perform with quality, efficiency, reliability whilst offering exceptional value for money resources and services at highly competitive rates.

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