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Why do we conduct public Health pests control training? Public health is defined as "the science and art of preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting health through the organized efforts and informed choices of society, organizations, public and private, communities and individuals"

Our Experience in Mbukoni Pest Control Services indicates that Significant contributions to safeguarding public health come through good management practices including the use of chemical or biological interventions to control the spread of harmful organisms or the carriers that transmit them. This means having approaches that are appropriate in the home as well as in public places, such as hospitals, schools, restaurants, hotels, forests, parks and water bodies. To effectively carry out this then we need to change the Public and the Community’s Knowledge Attitudes and Practices/Skills towards pests and public health pest control and this can only be done through Training.

Disease or infection spread by an insect or some other organism, such as a snail or a rat, pose varying levels of threat to public health, from a minor nuisance to life-threatening epidemics. Rats, for example, are carriers of fleas and mites which carry endemic diseases such as bubonic or septicemic plague, and rats can contaminate stored food with their urine and droppings causing food borne diseases, such as salmonella. Such organisms are called vectors. We need to have an ABC (Attitude Behavioural Change) process in the Public and the Community and this can only be achieved through the change in Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices. Training as a management function fulfills this need in an organization or the community.

Weeds can create problems ranging from allergic reactions, poisoning or skin irritations to physical obstructions on roadsides and railways. For example poison ivy, a commonly occurring weed, causes an allergic reaction that produces severe irritation followed by blistering.

However according to our experience at Mbukoni Pest Control Services, one of the largest threats to public health is caused by insects:

  • Serious diseases, such as malaria, Sleeping sickness, Rift Valley fever, Yellow fever are transmitted by insects
  • Many of the diseases spread and transmitted by insects are a major public health problem that impedes economic and social development and significantly contributes to poverty and training on the long-term can reduce such negative effects of infestations especially those impeding on economic and social development.
  • Cockroaches and mites are a significant cause of asthma in the home a debilitating disease which can lead to the loss of many man work hours and hence reduction in Gross Domestic Product. Training function can change all that in the community.
  • Head lice are unwelcome, but more importantly body lice are vectors of louse-borne typhus relapsing fever. They are a lousy eyesore in the Public

What the objectives of public health pest control training?

At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the public health importance of vector-borne disease prevention
  • Understand and apply basic principles of public health pest management
  • Identify bed bugs and determine control measures
  • Understand the importance of public health pest control in schools
  • Utilize knowledge of public health pest control strategies to reduce rodent populations
  • Recognize and control pests and vectors in food and housing environments
  • Apply public health pest control principles to reduce mosquito populations
  • Compare the efficacy of tick control methods in various situations
  • Give examples of health effects of pesticides
  • Understand the impact of climate change to geographic movement of vectors
  • Create messages for the public that appropriately indicate risks from vectors and public health pests

How do we conduct our Public Health Pests control training?

As qualified and experienced consultants in their fields, and as certified trainers in Pest control, Mbukoni Pest Control trainers deliver sharp, professional and value for time and money courses. We liven up every presentation with ‘real world’ anecdotes, photographs and/or video footage and real life exercises that get people thinking about real Pest Control issues in their workplace, Community, the school etc.

Mbukoni Pest Control Services specializes in designing and delivering ‘in-house’ training at your workplace – at a fraction of the cost of sending your people to public courses. Call us to discuss our discount day rate for your training courses.

The greatest benefit from engaging us to run your training is in the way we customize the course because we always carry out a Training Needs Identification (TNI) and a Training Needs Assessment (TNA) which give us a picture on what you need to be trained on and then we tailor-make or customize the training to those Training needs. Then wherever we can we use our knowledge of your systems and your history from the Training Needs Assessment to drive home the messages in a relevant and engaging way – we like our trainings to be Participatory so that learners discover concepts, synthesize them and make conclusions as they learn. In other words a Training Needs Assessment helps us derive an appropriate training curriculum for you.

Feedback from participants on all our courses routinely rates us as ‘Very Good’ or ‘Excellent; we always carry out end-of-training evaluations to gauge the level of our performance!

Some recent comments provided to us on feedback forms are:

  • “I never got what Mbukoni Pest Control training was about before this.”
  • “Thanks that will make a difference at work, and even more in my life.”
  • “That wasn’t boring at all.”
  • “I’ve done lots of Pest Control training before, but this one made sense.”
  • “This was the best, practical Mbukoni Pest Control training ever.”

We offer a range of courses to anyone and everyone in our public courses Training Calendar; but most often we run courses on request;

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